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New Stinge Watching Is the Opposite of Binge Watching

    There’s a burgeoning new streaming trend on the brink of grabbing our collective attention: the fascinating notion of “stinge-watching.” This avant-garde habit entails stretching out the viewing experience of a streaming series like a deliciously chewy piece of gum, savoring each moment to the point where time practically stands still. Jason Kottke, the discerning sage of, takes us on a deep dive into this captivating craze that’s currently making waves in the entertainment realm.

    While streaming services undeniably encourage binge-watching, certain show creators have masterfully woven their magic, crafting worlds so immersive and authentic that a portion of their audience yearns to prolong their stay within them for as long as possible.

    But recently, I’ve found myself watching some shows in a much different way. When I find a new show I really like or I’m digging into the newest season of a favorite series, instead of getting hooked and then blasting through all the available episodes, I’ll slow down or even stop watching so as to prolong the pleasure…or to delay the end. I feel like a squirrel, hoarding nuts for the winter. It’s stinge-watching instead of binge-watching.

    But wait, while some luxuriate in the slow burn of stinge-watching, there exist souls like mine who dwell at the opposite end of the binge-watching spectrum. I possess the superhuman ability to compress a sprawling ten-episode saga into a bite-sized two-hour movie or shorter, thanks to the magical powers of fast-forwarding. Behold, I dub this swift and efficient technique “pinch-watching.” Yes, my friends, it’s a thing now too, taking the world of entertainment by storm with its lightning-fast pace and no-nonsense approach to narrative consumption. Who needs marathon viewing sessions when you can blitz through an entire series in the time it takes to microwave popcorn?

    Tony M.