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NYC Crazy for Cupcakes


    New York City is crazy for cupcakes. The streets of NYC are littered with street vendors selling these little cupcakes that can fetch close to $5.00 a pop. The city has developed a sweet tooth for these sugar delicatessens. Many attribute this craze to a Sex and the City episode in which Sarah Jessica Parker bought a pink-frosted cupcake at Magnolia Bakery in the West Village. Close to tens years later, the city has mushroomed into a cupcake haven. Some say sweets are a aphrodisiac and it also soothes pain. NYC has been a city on the mend since 911 and comfort food such as cupcakes have made NYC the capital city of cupcakes. If it keeps up this way they will have to rename the Big Apple to the Big Cupcake or something along those lines.

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    Tony M.