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Olé Guacamole boardgame to be released by Hachette Boardgames

    Olé Guacamole boardgame by Hachette Boardgames

    Hachette Boardgames will release Ole! Guacamole, is a new word association game by Scorpion Masque. Take turns saying a word that does not contain any of the letters visible on the table … and which is related to the previous word! It gets hard because we add a letter to each turn!

    Olé Guacamole boardgame by Hachette Boardgames

    Each turn, the active player draws a card showing a letter and puts it on the table next to the previous ones. They now have 12 seconds to find a word thematically linked to the one told by the previous player which doesn’t contain any of the letters shown on the cards already drawn. If they succeed, it is the next player’s turn. But if they fail to do so, they take all the cards drawn so far and the next player starts over.

    • Simple Rules: Players can devour the easy-to-learn rules and start playing in just one minute!
    • Spicy Gameplay: Olé cards spice up gameplay with direction changes, targeted players, and skipped turns.
    • Word Association: Word game fans will crave this unique letter-elimination and word-association challenge.
    Tony M.