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Peel: Taking Control of Your TV

    The idiot box will no longer control you. Peel is determined to give you full control of your viewing in a whole new perceptive. There might be nothing on but Peel will find you what you need. Peel is your personal TV guide for the iPhone and will change the way you watch television with the Peel app. The $99.00 Peel universal control might turn a few people off when there are other apps offered for free without the universal control.

    The free Peel app features:

    • A beautiful guide to see what’s available to watch on your TV
    • Separate views for TV shows, movies, and sports
    • Show summaries including episode information, cover art, viewing times, and the channel number for your provider
    • Highlight your favorite programming, and over time, Peel tailors its top picks to your preferences
    • Find shows and sports from only the channels that are actually available to you, including optional premium channels
    • A simple search interface for finding exactly the show you want
    • Share what you’re watching on Facebook and Twitter in one easy step
    • Current and future time slots – see up to a week ahead
    • Set alarms so you never miss an upcoming show

    Tony M.