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Philadelphia Bloggers License Causes Uproar

    Bloggers in Philadelphia are upset

    It’s not too sunny in Philadelphia as city hall plans to grab money from bloggers. The city believes that if you blog then you need a business license for $50 a year or $300 for a lifetime. They assume that you make money with your blog and therefore you should pay your fair share. Not too many bloggers are happy on hearing the news. Expect other cities to try to use this blueprint for collecting extra money from citizens who barely make a dime from AdSense in their blogs.


    Philadelphia Bloggers License Causes Uproar
    “I think that a lot of people don’t really take the decision to run advertising on their blogs very seriously or as seriously as you should,” he said. “When you do that you make a decision essentially to go into business. It might be a really small business, it might be a side thing, but basically the second you accept advertising you’re playing a different game than someone who has a Tumblr or posts on Facebook.”-Joey Sweeney

    Tony M.