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Pints and Panels: The Art of Beer by Emily Sauter

    Identifying a unique niche within the realm of cartooning can often be a challenging endeavor, but Emily Sauter has managed to carve out her own distinctive corner. Her passion for beer has led her to create a delightful comic strip known as “Pints and Panels.” What sets Emily apart is her collaborative approach, always teaming up with a designated cartoonist to bring her vision to life. Together, they’ve crafted a remarkable collection of over 100 four-panel cartoon strips, each dedicated to the art of beer reviewing.

    Emily’s journey into the world of beer appreciation began during her time in Vermont, where she gained a profound appreciation for the diverse range of beers found in the region and its neighboring areas. The abundance of flavors, brew styles, and unique brewery experiences provided her with an endless well of inspiration. With this deep wellspring of material to draw from, Emily can confidently assert that she’ll never run out of beer-related ideas to explore and depict in her comics.

    As every true artist knows, there are certain perils that come with combining creativity and libations. Emily humorously reminds us of the hazards of attempting to “drink and draw,” cautioning against the potential mishaps that could occur, such as inadvertently spilling beer on your paper. After all, it can be notoriously challenging to erase such liquid mishaps from one’s artwork.

    Emily Sauter’s journey in the world of cartooning showcases her unique niche within the industry—celebrating the diverse world of beer through her engaging and entertaining comic strip, “Pints and Panels.” With a wealth of beer-related experiences and the ever-present possibility of humorous mishaps, Emily’s artistic well remains deep and unending.

    Vermont might be one of the best states on the East Coast for beer. We have tons of breweries and a thriving homebrew community. It is a wonderful place and am glad I got to live here for just a short period of time. Little breweries like Hill Farmstead, The Alchemist and Lawson’s make Vermont a destination for beer lovers. If you love beer and haven’t been to Vermont, you’re missing out.

    Tony M.