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Plastic in the Atlantic Ocean

    I am reminded of the Police’s song Message in the Bottle where hundred billion bottles wash up on the shore. The Atlantic as much as other oceans of the world have become the backyards of polluters. Sea Education Association (SEA) is doing vast research this year on their voyage to find plastic out in the sea.

    So far they have found.

    Number of plastic pieces counted: 4982

    Number of net tows: 31

    Distance traveled: 1097 nautical miles

    Fuel consumed: 851 gallons

    Fuel remaining: 2909 gallons

    Sea Education Association (SEA) is conducting the first federally-funded research expedition dedicated solely to examining the accumulation of plastic debris in the North Atlantic Ocean. Beginning on June 10, the Plastics at SEA: North Atlantic Expedition will expand upon 25 years’ worth of data previously collected by SEA that reveals a region of extensive plastic pollution in a narrow latitude band in the western North Atlantic Ocean.