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Quote-unquote: Noah Van Sciver

Van Sciver Smiling

Noah Van Sciver is an Ignatz award-winning cartoonist whose work has appeared in the Best American Comics series, the Fantagraphics anthology series NOW, and Mad magazine. His many graphic novels include The Hypo and The Complete Works of Fante Bukowski.  He lives with his family in Columbia, SC.

Success in comics to me is a publisher and readers that have faith in you and the stories that you want to tell. A publisher that is happy to help you put your ideas together with no matter what they are. Those aren’t things that come easy, and you’ve really got to earn them!” –BoingBoing

I write about whatever inspires me. My first graphic novel here in America is an illustrated account of Abraham Lincoln’s 20s and his battle with depression (The Hypo). He was America’s greatest president, of course, but I wasn’t interested in politics and I wasn’t interested in drawing him freeing the slaves. I only illustrated his emotional life and didn’t talk about him as a politician because a person’s internal struggle with who they are or their own emotions is what fascinates me. It is the connecting thread of all of my work. I might continue on with that theme in the future.” –lospaziobianco

Things are definitely different now. As a human being, I’ve evolved a lot in the past four years. I’m definitely more conscious about who I am as a human being and what kind of a man I want to be in my life and getting myself to be the best man I possibly can be. This wasn’t even a concern of mine when I was in my twenties, but it’s something I think about every day now. I work on that. That’s something I work on a lot. Is it part of growing up? I don’t know. Maybe it is. I just do the best I can.” –smashpages

I keep things pretty loose. I’m always attracted to the artists that have a, like a really loose, kind of, human style, you know, you can see, you can tell there’s, there’s a humanity in there.

Noah Van Sciver