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Rapper Ice Spice Has Her Own Chia Pet

    Ice Spice, the rapper from The Bronx has teamed up with Living Product and the authorized Ice Spice Chia Pet manufacturer to introduce a groundbreaking terracotta planter that can be grown, designed to resemble the artist herself, Ice Spice, complete with her distinctive carrot curls.

    Officially described as, “Attention, all Munchkins! The Ice Spice Chia Pet has arrived, poised to infuse your home décor with some serious baddie vibes!” This unique Chia Pet showcases Ice Spice’s iconic style, featuring her signature pink sweater and the dazzling diamond necklace that has become synonymous with her image. It’s not just a planter; it’s a statement piece that captures the essence of Ice Spice’s persona, making it a must-have for fans and enthusiasts looking to elevate their space with a touch of the rapper’s unmistakable flair.

    The inception of the Ice Spice Chia Pet was an innovative journey, as shared by JB Brode of Living Product. “My manager Tara is such a beast. She connected us to help design merch for Ice Spice,” the founder explained. “Ideating around that led us to this lightbulb moment like, ‘D**n, an Ice Spice Chia Pet would be crazy.’ It started as just an idea for a graphic, but we knew that the idea deserved its own moment.”

    Brode continued, “We pitched it to Spice’s team, who graciously let us pursue the official collaboration with Chia, and many months and negotiations later, here we are. It’s been a very educational process for us, and we are so happy to see it come to life. The commercial really brought it full circle for us.”

    Tony M.