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Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: Graphic Novel

    Ray Bradbury will be turning a still very young 89 in spirit on August 22 at a bookstore in Glendale, California. He will celebrating with the release of his new graphic novel based on his award winning book, Fahrenheit 451. Sandbox World got an advance copy of the book. It’s an amazing interpretation of the book with a visually rich landscape devised by Tim Hamilton. The illustrated version is far better than the gut wrenching at times movie version of the book. Unlike the movie directed by François Truffaut, the backdrop of the book is a universal one pertaining to any time period and is less dated. The art is stripped down to the bare essentials with minimalist lines engulfed in colors. I was rather surprised with the ease of the translated version of the graphic novel, but it should not be a surprise, Ray Bradbury’s books have always been very visual in nature. You can breakdown his stories like a comic or movie easily like storyboards, that is why he has success both in the movies and comic form. He is no stranger to the comic milieu, he worked along the greats in the 50’s when many of his early writings were published by EC comics.

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