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Real Cost of Your Everyday Appliances and Devices

    Just how much wattage are your appliances juicing up your bills each month? Smart appliances are the way to go. An aging appliance is a guzzler and will cost you more in the end. GE and Pentagram’s Lisa Strausfeld devised a wattage chart that breaks down each appliance commonly found in most homes. Homes are responsible for more than 20% of energy consumption just in the United States. We can do more to reduce consumption and fiscally be more responsible to future generations.

    GE and Pentagram’s Lisa Strausfeld have come up with a fantastic way to visualize how good or bad our appliances and devices are when it comes to using up our home’s energy. We know that homes suck up about 20% of all energy in the US, but the question is where that energy is funneled off to once it reaches our homes, and how much it’s costing us to run that ceiling fan or that electric blanket. The interactive tool tells you how much energy that appliance or device uses in watts, dollars, or gallons of gas, as well as what one kilowatt hour yields for that device, and even better, it will rank each device so that you can see at a glance which you want to unplug.

    Tony M.