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Get the red carpet ready for Red Ketchup the animated series

    Red Ketchup wants Archer to know that there is a new kid on the block and he is name is Steve “Red” Ketchup

    Red Ketchup is based on the Quebec graphic novel series by Pierre Fournier & Réal Godbout, the animated show Red Ketchup follows the bizarre international adventures of the famous FBI agent. Currently in production by Sphere Animation, promises to be something special. Red Ketchup is a cult Quebec comic book series featuring the FBI’s crazed rogue agent, Steve “Red” Ketchup. In 2023, Red Ketchup will be the centerpiece of an animated series directed by Martin Villeneuve and produced by Sphere Animation. Red Ketchup will air on Teletoon at Night and Adult Swim starting in 2023.

    Steve “Red” Ketchup — an albino empowered by chemical means — is a former police officer, now an FBI agent. Ruthless and violent, a combatant skilled in both armed and unarmed fighting techniques, he appears to be invulnerable, apparently through a combination of being incredibly fit, having a high pain threshold, and drug overdose. This antihero, with his Grace Jones style red hairdo with the physical of Arnold Schwarzenegger, always wearing a blue suit and sunglasses, has been vaguely inspired by Jack Lord from the Hawaii Five-O TV series, and Michael Murphy (Brewster McCloud). Ketchup is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

    “Corus is proud to showcase a standout lineup of Canadian Original content featuring dynamic formats, charismatic personalities, and renewals of fan-favorite series with homegrown talent from Corus Studios, Nelvana, and our valued production partners,” said Colin Bohm, EVP, Content & Corporate Strategies, Corus Entertainment. “Our expanding portfolio of original shows is driving significant growth in the key pillars of lifestyle, factual, kids and scripted series, as we remain dedicated to creating premium content with diverse, engaging narratives and uniquely Canadian voices appealing to audiences across the country and on an international scale.”

    ketchup stops Russians

    Synopsis: The series is set in the mid-1980s, at the end of the Cold War. Red Ketchup is assigned the most perilous missions by the FBI, and he pulls them off every time. The sight of his hulking frame, red eyes and orange hair is enough to make enemies quake. He breezily and brazenly takes every risk to achieve his ends, usually causing heavy collateral damage along the way. The FBI regards him as a liability and sends him to distant lands hoping he will never return. But Red Ketchup always makes it back!

    Red Ketchup first appeared in 1982 as a supporting character in the popular Michel Risque comics series by Pierre Fournier and Réal Godbout, published as a monthly serial in the legendary humor magazine Croc. Unexpectedly, the character was an instant hit with readers. The early Red Ketchup adventures were first collected into graphic novels in the late 80s by Croc Publishing of Montreal and Dargaud of France. The entire collection is currently in print for the French-speaking world from La Pastèque of Montreal.

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