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Ren & Stimpy: The Almost Complete Collection

    Some might argue there is no SpongeBob SquarePants without Ren & Stimpy. The Nickelodeon show from the 90s revolutionized animation to the chagrin of parents. There are elements of early SpongeBob that owes to Ren & Stimpy. Ren & Stimpy relied on vulgarity and offence to capture its audience. This new collection of Ren & Stimpy is the best priced collection put together. The almost complete series is short six episodes from the ill-advised Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon (also known as Ren and Stimpy: The Lost Episodes) from Spike TV. This is a perfect collection for those viewing the series for the first time.

    Everyone’s favorite ornery asthma-hound Chihuahua, Ren, and his overweight and under-brained feline companion, Stimpy, are a mismatch made in animation heaven! With opposite personalities and tempers, almost elastic body types, and an intense relationship, the lifelong friends set out on surreal, often gross journeys — and their incredible knack for getting into trouble is boundless. Brace yourselves for the extreme and crazy world of Ren & Stimpy. The twisted twosome’s wacked adventures into the bizarre will supply hours of enjoyment for you and all of your twisted friends! The Almost Complete Series features 52 episodes on 9 discs from all 5 seasons!

    Tony M.