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Robert Munsch Bipolar Crisis

    Bestselling children’s author Robert Munsch faces a crisis

    We always like to think our heroes are invincible and free of corruption and vices. Robert Munsch the popular children’s author/artist seems to be held in high regard in the family milieu in teaching kids to read. This summer he made headlines about being bipolar and having a drinking and drug problem and dealing with depression at the same time. A touchy subject considering many schools and parents held Robert Munsch in high regard in their family life and he touched the kid’s education. His books played a significant role in their upbringing at some level or another. Ann Hui from the Walrus explores of the backstory of Robert Munsch and his recent crisis. Read more>>

    The scariest thing, he said, was telling his family. He had hidden it well: he wasn’t blowing all his money or staying high for days at a time. His wife understood his addiction, but telling his kids (now aged thirty-five, twenty-nine, and twenty-five) was hard, especially since he did it over Christmas dinner. Their first reaction was shock, which later turned into concern.

    Tony M.