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San Francisco Bans the Happy Meal

    San Francisco Bans the Happy Meal

    There will be many unhappy kids in San Francisco as they wake to find out that their city is unhappy with the McDonalds Happy Meal. There is a new Hamburglar in town and his name is the local politician. He wants to ban toys from McDonalds. Is this the wave of other cities to follow? The law is simple, a toy can be sold with a meal if the food and drink combined contain fewer than 600 calories.

    San Francisco Bans the Happy Meal McDonalds had taken the lead in fighting the proposal and one of its local restaurant owners blasted the decision. ‘Somehow the San Francisco Board of Supervisors just took the happy out of Happy Meals,’ said Scott Rodrick, who predicted that families would now go to neighboring cities to get their Happy Meals.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom must still approve the new law, which allows restaurants to give away a free toy or other incentive item only if the meal contains less than 600 calories, has less than 640 milligrams of sodium and if less than 35 percent of the calories are derived from fat, except for fat contained in nuts, seeds, eggs or low-fat cheese.-source

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