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Scribblenauts: The Vocabulary Game

    The power of words can shape the world around young impressionable ears. Scribblenauts is the word game that gets kids to use words and use new ones at the same time. The power word building game is a switch from the regular mind numbing games that some kids are subjected to as just eye candy babysitters. Give your kids some power tools in language with Scribblenauts. Nintendo is making learning an experience in their repertoire of word games for both adults and Scribblenauts caters to the younger set.


    “An action puzzle game where you can literally write anything to solve the puzzle. You can write ladder and it will appear, or flamethrower and use that.” The user hand writes the name of an object and it appears on screen. But words can’t do justice to the concept:

    The unusual premise for the title came from studying the market for the Nintendo DS, which has grown to include such a wide variety of concepts that appeal to people that usually don’t play games. Slaczka said, “We looked at Nintendogs, Brain Age, and Wario Ware. I didn’t want to make another puppy simulator, or brain trainer, but I wanted to make something for everyone.” -Jeremiah Slaczka, the Lead Designer at the title’s developer 5th Cell.