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Seal of Approval

    Rubber stamp making is an old school way doing stationary business. Not too many people are designing unique rubber stamps while Staples is in the neighborhood. Central Stamp & Seal in Montreal is one such shop commandeered by young Sasha Cantor who foresees this sole rubber stamp business in Montreal. Brooke Semple from SEESAW, a brand identity designer was in Montreal with the help of photographer Anna Jackman to give us a glimpse of a trade long forgotten sprinkled with youthful optimism.

    This small shop on Av Du Parc now owned by Sasha Cantor, has been in operation for over 60 years. Set in a beautiful old stone building with an interesting collection of antique filing cabinets, machinery and fixed gear bikes, the shop is completely independent gaining its clients and reputation by word of mouth alone. Sasha and his team were kind enough to take us through the process of making a stamp for Seesaw by hand as they have done for clients ranging from business owners, designers and members of secret societies (I kid you not). Now employing modern design software to initially set up the files, the rest of the process is conducted by burning the design into a rubber plate which is later cut out and adhered to a wooden base. The base is then drilled and the wooden handle hammered into place. Its a simple process with an enormous amount of room for creativity. In the past clients have requested stamps the size of letterhead and seals with their own portrait set to grace the corners of humorous stationary sets. If your imagination can dream it they can fashion it.


    Tony M.