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Set Your Chickens Free by Gilbert Shelton

If you haven’t been introduced to the iconic works of the Freak Brothers or the mischievous Fat Freddy’s Cat, then you may not be familiar with the brilliant mind behind these underground comic series: Gilbert Shelton. Gilbert’s creative prowess not only made him a prominent cartoonist in the league of his contemporary, Robert Crumb, but he also showcased his musical talents.

One of Gilbert’s notable musical contributions can be traced back to the early days of underground comics. In the inaugural issue of Bijou Funnies in 1968, he lent his illustrative skills to a unique project titled “Set Your Chickens Free.” What makes this endeavor particularly captivating is that Gilbert Shelton didn’t just illustrate it; he also lent his voice to its musical rendition.

In this innovative collaboration, Gilbert Shelton seamlessly fused his artistic and musical abilities to create a multidimensional experience for readers and supporters alike. This amalgamation of visual storytelling and music not only reflected the experimental and boundary-pushing spirit of the era but also solidified Gilbert’s status as a true artistic maverick. His work continues to captivate and inspire fans of counterculture comics and music to this day.