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Shitty Printers: Why all printers suck (even the best ones)  

    shitty printers

    Shitty printers, at one time or another we came across them. I recently purchased a Canon G3200 Megatank printer. I thought I had all my bases covered. I looked like I had enough ink to print forever. It worked like a charm till I stopped printing and the printheads got clogged. I went online for a solution, I found instructions on how to clean the printheads. The printer just would not print certain colors. If invisible ink were a thing, then it would be in one of the tanks. I finally gave up and threw that printer out.

    The Canon G3200 Megatank was highly recommended by a tech expert. He became so disenchanted with the Canon G3200 Megatank printer that he reassessed his review. I can honestly say, Canon printers always had less of an impact on my pocketbook, unlike HP printers that charge more for ink. However, never did I chuck out a printer after a short period of usage like the Canon G3200 Megatank printer.

    The first computer printer to be invented is thought to be the printer that Charles Babbage originally planned to be included with his difference engine, a primitive computer (Wikipedia calls it an “automatic mechanical calculator designed to tabulate polynomial functions”) that Babbage designed in the mid-1800s, though a working model of it was never actually built until more than 150 years later in the year 2000.

    Shitty Printers and why we all hate printers. This book documents why.

    Overview: Blue Star Press brings out the frustration I recently had with some notorious printers that stunk up home offices with shitty performances. The printer has become the most frustrating tech gadget to enter your home. Is one of your printers in the book Shitty Printers?

    Maybe it’s the behemoth copier at work. Or the one you use to print boarding passes at home. Or maybe it’s the one that haunts your nightmares to this day, the one that never seemed to work, not since the first day you plugged it in. We all have a printer in our lives that we would love to see taken down a notch.

    From the first consumer inkjet to more modern monstrosities, Sh*tty Printers breaks down the worst offenders of our home offices. Featuring popular and exasperating home staples such as:

    • The HP Thinkjet 2225A
    • The Lexmark Z22
    • The long forgotten Canon BJC-85
    • and many more

    Each printer is beautifully photographed and ruthlessly torn to shreds as their individual strengths, weaknesses, and charisma are scored on sliding scales born from relatable frustration.

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    I typically spend my time reviewing tech products, but this time, I’m going to take one down, the Canon G3200 Megatank printer. There’s not enough coverage on the ‘net about how Canon’s Megatank printers released between 2017 and 2019 are all designed to fail, and since most are still being sold, I thought it was important for me to air Canon’s dirty laundry for them!

    Tony M.