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Sh*t Hits The Fans

    Either you like Kevin Smith or you hate him. He is like an old friend that you see many years later and he has not changed that much. Same old lucky go happy guy. I was not expecting much from Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good by Kevin Smith. Same old sh*t. Kevin Smith has grown older and a bit wiser but is still the old dependable guy of old with the same bag of tricks.

    I particularly liked the chapter with his dual with megalomaniac Bruce Willis on the set of Cop Out. The movie was a dream that turned into a disaster from the start. With an ego as big as Bruce, Willis is bound to suck people into his orbit with disastrous results.

    “He turned out to be the unhappiest, most bitter and meanest emo-bitch I ever met at any job I’ve held. And mind you, I worked at Domino’s.”

    If you are a Kevin Smith fan as I was, you will enjoy this book. It took me a bit of time to take a shining into buying the book. I have too much sh*t (books and movies) from Kevin already. I got to learn more about Kevin’s love for his wife and family. Tough Sh*t took me by surprise.

    For now it will suffice to watch sprinkling episodes of Comic Book Men on AMC. Kevin Smith is about a fraternity of friends from New Jersey to the present fold of new ones who flocked in his circle. One thing about Kevin Smith is that he is loyal and treats both his friends and fans with respect.

    “If you could figure out how to monetize passion, and that’s pretty much what I do, then you’ve got your handle on something. Basically, I just kind of speak passionately about the stuff that I dig, and that creates content.”

    I recommend you pick you a copy of Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good and reacquaint yourself with Kevin Smith.  Kevin Smith is no Anthony Robbins, he cuts through the bullsh*t and gives it to you from the heart. Not too many guys can do that.

    “If you like me, I’m a good role model, and maybe you want to do the stuff I’ve done. But if you don’t like me, you use that as fuel too, and you say, ‘If this fat chump can do it, I should be even more successful.”

    Tony M.