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Space: 1999 Jigsaw Puzzle by Lee Sullivan

    The Official Gerry Anderson Store presents here a Space: 1999 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. This comic-style jigsaw puzzle design features key characters from Space: 1999 and is newly commissioned art by comic artist Lee Sullivan.  

    Before Star Wars hit the big screen, the biggest fish in the sea of sci-fi was Space: 1999. Unfortunately, it was made in England and did not have the finances to have a global reach to stay alive. Space: 1999 merchandise is hard to find on the other side of the pond. Amazon has facilitated the procurement of the show. The Official Gerry Anderson Store has plenty of Space: 1999 products to satisfy the hunger of satellite fans outside England. Shipping must be a killer. I think it would be cooler if they made 1999 pieces. Lee Sullivan’s artwork is out of this world! The box looks too good to open.

    About this product

    • Image created by Lee Sullivan
    • Packaging designer Marcus Stamps
    • 1000-piece jigsaw in a bag and then boxed
    • Completed puzzle size 672 x 480 mm
    • Box size 225 x 315 x 65 mm

    Lee Sullivan is an illustrator and comic artist who has been associated with Doctor Who in various capacities since his first work for Doctor Who Magazine in the late 1980s. Generally, though, his work on Doctor Who comics have been confined to a few stories in the Seventh Doctor’s run, the Radio Times strips that introduced the comic version of the Eighth Doctor, and the Battles in Time comic strips involving the Tenth Doctor. He’s also provided illustrations that served as the backgrounds for the webcasts, Shada, Real-Time and Death Comes to Time. Furthermore, he’s been a prolific provider of comic previews of Big Finish audios for Doctor Who Magazine.

    Tony M.