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“Space Jam: A New Legacy” Bobblehead Collection

    FOCO is excited to introduce a new line of collectible bobbleheads featuring the stars of Warner Bros. Pictures’ 2021 film, Space Jam: A New Legacy.

    25 years after the release of the wildly successful Space JamBugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes return to the big screen in this standalone sequel. Space Jam: A New Legacy chronicles basketball superstar LeBron James teaming up the iconic cartoon characters to save James’ son from a nefarious A.I.

    This collection of officially licensed bobbles showcases an expansive roster of Space Jam: A New Legacy characters that fans of the film will immediately recognize. In addition to James and Bugs Bunny, fans can collect bobbles featuring Daffy DuckLola Bunny, the Tasmanian Devil, and Granny.

    Each item in this collection features detailed depictions of the film’s stars in their “Tune Squad” uniforms, as well as the immediately recognizable Space Jam: A New Legacy logo.


    “FOCO is extremely excited to introduce the world to these Space Jam: A New Legacy bobbleheads to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated film,” said Matthew Katz, Licensing Director at FOCO. “FOCO is confident that a wide range of fans, including those who grew up with and appreciated the original film, as well as a whole new generation of fans, will be eager to add these out-of-this-world bobbles to their collections,” Katz continued.

    These Space Jam: A New Legacy bobbleheads are just some of the many exciting items FOCO continues to release that help fans celebrate their favorite characters, programs, films, teams, superstars, mascots, memorable plays and iconic moments throughout the world of entertainment and sports.

    Tony M.