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Space Suit of the Week

    How do children see space? The imagination of space was captured by kids in North America in the dawn of the TV era, there was no shortage of material about the space race in both literature and film. In the 21th century it seems kids are more grounded within technology and wonder less about space. Space has become boring to many. We have created spaces within and far less into the great void. Perhaps this is why there is less of a wow factor when they view NASA and space exploration. Our imagination has cultivated the far reaches of outer space and beyond, the void is perhaps filled by shows like Star Trek and Star Wars and left us with nothing left to further our hunger of space. We have been ‘spaced-out’.

    The Fox is Black blog examines some of these childhood fascinations of space and how kids see space through their eyes and an innocence long lost. Have Space Suit—Will Travel for imagination as Alex Dent fires up your engines of wonder.

    The frontiers belong to astronauts. And dreaming about being an astronaut is just dreaming of exploration and discovery. Had they been born centuries later, would Marco Polo or Ponce de Leon become astronauts? I’d like to think so. But maybe they would have become investment bankers, traded gold instead of looking for it, and then bought a ticket into space. It’s not quite the same, but as kids, we don’t know the terminology difference between outer space and low earth orbit.- Alex Dent

    Tony M.