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Spider-Man Linocut on Lokta Paper by Peter Santa-Maria

    Spidey sense above the city skyline! Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gets the linocut art treatment courtesy of Peter Santa-Maria, whose signature woodblock style transforms Peter Parker’s webbing into bold, black ink lines and a unique interplay of light and shadow. Crouched on a gargoyle overlooking New York City, the ol’ webhead keeps watching over the streets below, ready to swing down and stop crime at a moment’s notice. In his shadow, an itsy-bitsy spider crawls down the wall of the brick building behind, keeping Spidey on his toes.

    Each Spider-Man Linocut on Lokta Paper is handcrafted and one of a kind, created using certified archival printmaking ink on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper. Each unique print in the Sideshow exclusive edition of 120 pieces is hand-signed and numbered by Peter Santa-Maria, making this a must-have collector item for Marvel fans.

    Tony M.