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Spider-Man Music

    Grantray-Lawrence Animation is the Canadian animation by brought the world The Marvel Super Heroes and Spider-Man television shows. They also created the in-house show called Rocket Robin Hood. We don’t realize it but sound is a major key in animation. It brings the whole experience alive. The animation of these shows were not exactly the best of the crop back then. Cels were used over and over and many painted on once again. It’s was a different ballgame back then. The engine that drove the first Spider-Man series besides the coolest theme song was the background music that rocked up funky jazz musical bits. A product of the time, these quasi psychedelic sound bits were like honey to kids. Many have tried to find these elusive musical sound bits. Not easy in the past years. Well Sandbox World has found them in England in a vast pool of some of the coolest soundtrack music used on TV shows. My APM you will discover a library of sounds called KPM where you can find the music of the Spider-man series. The KPM music library is the oldest and largest music library from Britain. You’ll have to search for them. There is a fee if you want to buy the songs, if not you can listen online for free. You will find other sound bits that have littered many TV shows and movies through the years. The learning curve for this site takes a little time but it’s not hard to learn. The musicians who brought you these cool sounds were ;Syd Dale, Alan Hawkshaw, Johnny Hawksworth, David Lindup, Bill Martin and Phil Coulter. Enjoy, compliments Sandbox World.  Here is a list of the tracks to be found in the site.

    (Some of the best are, The Hell Raisers, Slipstream B, Discothick, Raver, and Sixth Sense)
    01. KPM1001 Latin Gear – Johnny Hawksworth
    02. KPM1001 Beat Street – Johnny Hawksworth
    03. KPM1002 The Hell Raisers – Syd Dale
    04. KPM1002 Walk In A Nightmare – Syd Dale
    05. KPM1002 Slipstream B) Syd Dale
    06. KPM1002 Walk and Talk) Syd Dale
    07. KPM1002 Quite Contrary) Syd Dale
    08. KPM1015 Big Bass Guitar – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
    09. KPM1015 Mr. Chestertons Dog – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
    10. KPM1015 Mods and Rockers – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
    11. KPM1015 L.S.D. – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
    12. KPM1015 Discothik – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
    13. KPM1015 Raver – Alan Hawkshaw
    14. KPM1017 Stand By – David Lindup
    15. KPM1017 Men Of Action – David Lindup
    16. KPM1017 Action Stations – David Lindup
    17. KPM1017 Zero Hour – David Lindup
    18. KPM1017 Maelstrom – Syd Dale
    19. KPM1017 Grand Prix – Johnny Pearson
    20. KPM1017 Juggernaut – David Lindup
    21. KPM1017 Swing In – Syd Dale
    22. KPM1017 The Washington Affair – Syd Dale
    23. KPM1017 News Views – Syd Dale
    24. KPM1017 Stop, Look and Listen – David Lindup
    25. KPM1018 Veiled Threat – David Lindup
    26. KPM1018 Forewarning C – Syd Dale
    27. KPM1018 Looks Like Trouble – Sys Dale
    28. KPM1018 Sixth Sense – David Lindup
    29. KPM1018 Trap Door – David Lindup
    30. KPM1043 Funky Flight – Keith Mansfield
    31. KPM1001 The Eylelash – Johnny Hawksworth

    Tony M.