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The STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES – THE 1701 COLLECTION VOL. 1 is a limited edition CD release from La-La Land Records and CBS Studios. This is the first in a series of releases that feature the original score from the popular sci-fi television series, STAR TREK (1966-1969). The music is from the 2012 Original Series Box Set, which was previously out of print. The restored master from the acclaimed release is used for these volumes, but the packaging is new and created by Dan Goldwasser. Additionally, there are exclusive liner notes by film music writer and Trek historian, Jeff Bond. Fans of the iconic music from one of television’s most beloved series can now enjoy it once again.

Vol 1 of the 1701 Collection focuses on the Trek TOS music of renowned composers Alexander Courage and Fred Steiner, containing original music from the classic episodes THE MAN TRAP, THE NAKED TIME, CHARLIE X, MUDD’S WOMEN, THE CORBOMITE MANEUVER, BALANCE OF TERROR, WHAT ARE LITTLE GIRLS MADE OF? and THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER, along with MAIN and END TITLES. Produced by Lukas Kendall, Neil S. Bulk and Jeff Bond, restored by Chris Malone and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this limited edition 2-CD release of 1701 units, as well as forthcoming volumes of this series, illustrate how the original Trek series scores not only teem with action, adventure and drama but how they are also infused with deep emotion and the greatness of the human spirit. Such characteristics have kept these richly orchestrated tracks vital and relevant decades beyond their original recording.