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Surface Pro: Alternative to The Wacom Cintiq

    drawing on the surface pro

    I am looking for a tablet that does the work of a Wacom Cintiq. The people at Staples and Best Buy were helpful but did not understand my needs for a tablet that has good drawing tools like a Wacom device. I just hate those external Wacom pen tablets that you attach to a computer. I feels so unnatural to me when drawing. I have the three generations of iPads and find them to be more entertainment devices than actual drawing precision devices. I checked the Samsung Galaxy Note, I was not too keen on the Android interface of the tablet. It had a pressure sensitive pen but the screen was a tad small.

    surface pro

    I kept coming back to the Surface Pro from Microsoft which has a full operating Windows 8 version unlike the cheaper version called the Windows Surface RT. Adobe programs are still not fully Windows 8 ready and from the research I did online, Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6 (app) will suit my needs to both sketch and ink drawings easily. I am sure Adobe will address the needs of a few artists like myself who are looking to go totally paperless. Sure I could just buy a Cintiq, but I feel these machines are expensive and will be out of date in a hurry considering the other tablet makers are knocking at their door with devices that will put them out of the market. Purists will swear by their Wacom’s products. I need a fuller package.

    The Windows Surface Pro seems to be the better device out there that fulfills all my needs right now. It is more than a tablet, it is also  a computer and with the Windows environment there are many possibilities to add other programs. The portability factor also helps. I recommend you try  Surface Pro as an alternative Wacom’s Cintiq. I plan to draw a kids’ book on the Surface Pro. Wish me luck guys.


    Since the old Windows tablet computers I’ve been looking for a good way to draw digitally on the go. I gave the iPad a shot but I don’t like drawing with the “eraser tip” capacitive touch styluses. When I read that the Surface Pro uses Wacom tech I was interested. I went down to our local MS store to try one on the day they launched. The demo machine only had one drawing app on it called Fresh Paint which seems like it’s mostly for kids but it was enough to see that the pen felt good and the pressure sensitivity was solid. I came home and mentioned on Twitter that I was interested in the Surface Pro as a drawing platform and I was contacted by MS and offered a machine to test out (I love my job). A few days later I had a brand new 128gb Surface Pro to play with. (Penny Arcade)

    Tony M.