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The Origin of Mr. Clean

    Have you ever found yourself curious about the origin story of your beloved bald mascot? Here is a fascinating journey that traces the life of Mr. Clean, a character who went from being an orphaned child to a fully grown adult.

    Charlie Brown Ad

      Meet Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown ad from Rinehart announcing their first printing of Peanuts.

      Become Somebody Else

        Here is a clever campaign called, “Become Somebody Else” by Love Agency for Mint Vinetu Bookstore.

        Hulk Band-Aid Ad

          Here is an effective use as a Marvel property with the Band-Aid product. This is an ideal product placement. Well executed. via-adsoftheworld

          Peanuts Early Newspaper Ad

            It’s amazing to think that this lonely little unexceptional ad from the ’50s would spawn a money-making machine long after Charles Schulz would die. The merchandising juggernaut just keeps churning cash like it’s going out of style.