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Daniel Handler

flowers of evil charles Baudelaire

The Flowers of Evil as translated by Aaron Poochigian

    Flowers of Evil has always been part of my life since my college days. That is where most people get to hear about Charles Baudelaire. I own various translations of Flowers of Evil. Being fluent in French poses no issue for me to read the book in French, however, Aaron Poochigian’s translation shines the prose to a more modern contemporary tone. I am really excited about getting this version of Baudelaire’s classic book. It is hard to believe that it has been 200 years since Flowers of Evil was first published. It’s a great testament that Flowers still continues to influence both poets and singers for such a long time. I found myself reading Flowers of Evil even more in COVID times. The dark and sombre themes run through once again in our present time. It’s not every day I get excited about a translation but after hearing Aaron Poochigian’s passion for Baudelaire on Jacke Wilson’s podcast History of Literature has me sold. I highly recommend you buy The Flowers of Evil translated by Aaron Poochigian.

    bottle grove by daniel handler

    Bottle Grove Review

      “Nothing is believably conjured to life in Bottle Grove. No spell is cast, no character takes root in the reader’s heart. Captive to Handler’s cleverness, to his allusive play and lack of rigor, the reader tries to make sense of the proceedings, to no avail.”