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deep purple


Deep Purple Turning to Crime

    It has become a novelty act for many groups as of late to do a whole album of cover songs. Deep Purple has come full circle. Ian Gillan and Roger Glover who both were in Episode Six covered Arthur Lee’s Love song “Alone Again Or.” I am not surprised that the first song is “7 And 7 Is.” It’s a great selection of tunes on what is going to be perhaps the last official studio album for the group. Never say never. This is a great range of musical influences. Bob Dylan’s “Watching The River Flow” is a welcome surprise. This is a must for Deep Purple Fans.

    blackmore book 1

    Ritchie Blackmore by Ross Halfin from Rufus Publications

      Ritchie Blackmore by Ross Halfin is an intimate portrait of Blackmore both on and off stage and captures the brilliance and madness of Rainbow during those years. Ross had unparalleled access for several years and the images in this book often show Ritchie as you’ve never seen him before. It finishes with shots of early Blackmore’s Night in action.

      smoke on the water 1

      Smoke on the Water

        Ian Gillan, at 75 years old, has sung Smoke on the Water since 1972. Whether with Deep Purple, the Ian Gillan Band, and Black Sabbath. He has sung the encore song in the range of 2,500 times for 50 years. I guess Ozzy Osbourne would be in the same dilemma by singing Paranoid.

        smoke on the water

        Smoke on the Water is Beethoven’s Fifth Backwards

          How did Deep Purple come up with the famous Smoke on the Water riff? Ritchie Blackmore comes clean and confesses he stolen the riff from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. He claims he loosely played Beethoven’s 5th backward. The rest is history as Funky Claude was running in and out pulling kids out the ground, Deep Purple ran to the bank with their biggest hit ever. Poor Beethoven never saw a royalty check. Rock historians will point out that Smoke on the Water was based on Iggy Pop’s Stooges song “Loose” and borrows many melodic elements from the song released two years earlier. You have to have a keen sense of musical hearing for that one.