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Happy Little Dinosaurs: Smile It’s Almost Over

    My daughter introduced me to a new board game called “Happy Little Dinosaurs.” So, are you ready to embark on a journey with “Happy Little Dinosaurs” and let the cards decide your fate? The last dinosaur standing wins.

    jurrasic league 1

    Look out world here comes the Jurassic League

      Jurrasic League from DC Comics just might be the sleeper hit of the year. The six-issue limited series is co-written by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon and illustrated by Gedeon. Get ready for mindless fun like never before. Simple on every level but beautiful eye candy. How come nobody thought of this before? Superhero dinosaurs! This is every kid’s fantasy. What a combo! Get ready for the toy lines to explode this Christmas. I love this compact 6-book mini-series. It is just the right size to collect for paperback. This will be a hit! My inner 8-year-old child wants more.

      Jurassic Perk

        Boys just love dinosaurs. Pumped for Jurassic World. It has that Futureworld feel to it with dinosaurs. It is safe. Dinosaurs are cool. No worries.