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Pets Rock Posters

    Rejoice pets rock lovers, these domestic posters will be the envy of any wall that graces their presence.

    Soviet Space Dogs

      The space race is long gone. In the early years dogs were the first cosmonauts.  Laika was the first animal to orbit the earth.

      Cat Person vs. Dog Person

        It’s a debate that will go on forever till cats and dogs are no longer pets. Which one are you? Cat person or dog person?

        Extreme Dog Houses

          Some dogs live in the lap of luxury without knowing it. They even live better than maybe a third of the human population on earth. Owners will go to the extreme and pamper their dogs with dog houses that go beyond the means of what a dog would need.

          Lobster Dogs Latest Rage

            It appears that pet owners are gleefully engaging in the curious trend of adorning their dogs with lobster outfits. The proliferation of these is endearing, albeit slightly embarrassing.