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font meme

Font Meme is Fontastic

    I love fonts! Font Meme is the ideal stop for fronts from pop culture. Ever wonder which font is used for either logos, films, TV shows, video games, books and more? Fret no more Font Meme dissects your favorite fonts from all sectors of business.


      I love fonts and the  iFontMaker is the perfect tool to create fonts. There is a Windows version also of iFontMaker. iFontMaker is the first… Read More »iFontMaker

      font shop

      Meet Your Type: A Field Guide to Love & Typography

        FontShop is offering a free PDF book on typography, called Meet Your Type – A Field Guide to Love & Typography. It is an amazing look at typography in a whole new way. You will fall in love with this free online guide. A must-have for everyone who is an illustrator in design. You will see fonts in a whole new way. Sexier. Bolder. This book is FONTASTIC! This is my new font fetish