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cafe de la place king of the hill

King of the Hill at Cafe de la Place

    Dang ol’ bonjour, Dave Pollot is at it again. He has painted with a new altered thrift art painting. The gang from King of the Hill visits Paris. Paris, Texas that is. The Paris, Texas, Eiffel tower is the second-largest replica of the actual Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    Book Arch: Le Bal des Ardents

      This is one way to get rid of those old books. Bookstore ‘Le Bal des Ardents’ in Lyon , France created a book arch entrance.

      Cliché! English Version

        The French are no strangers to the typical stereotype clichés adorned to them. From their clothes to wine and baguettes. Vive la différence.

        Arthur Rimbaud Documentary

          Arthur Rimbaud is brought to life with drawings and pictures of his times with a new documentary. The enfant terrible is given justice as his poems are read by Joan Baez with the accompaniment of music in an attempt to present a visual of Arthur Rimbaud’s life. The much-fabled poet’s life is shrouded in mystery and legend. Most of it marred in tragedy and misery. His poetry transcends time as his youthful angst speaks to every generation screaming to be heard. He has seen the darkness of the soul and turned it into a visual macabre dance of words.