Hello Kitty Beer

What a novel idea, boozing kids up with Hello Kitty beer. What next? Pokemon vodka! Nothing like getting our kids buzzed, they have enough sugar in them already.

Hello Kitty KISS Toilet Paper

Gene Simmons will put the KISS brand on just bout everything. The unexpected merchandising collaboration between both popular brands is cute and will be a hit with Hello Kitty and KISS fans. Gives a whole new meaning to, KISS my arse!

Hello Kitty Tarot Cards

The future looks bright with this Hello Kitty tarot card set. The grim reaper never looked so cute.

Hello Kitty Extreme

Hello Kitty pop culture mash-ups are quite popular. Illustrator / designer Joseph Senior has created a slew of send-ups for some iconic franchise characters. via-toysrevil

Hello Kitty House

Either your real estate guy is going salivate at the mouth dreaming of his fat commission or think who the hell is going to buy this giant doll house from pink heaven based on the Hello Kitty franchise. The house is well equipped with Hello Kitty paraphernalia. See inside of house>>