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Jim Morrison

before the end jim morrison

What If everything we think we know about Jim Morrison is wrong?

    That question has haunted Jeff Finn since 1985 when he first researched the infamous vocalist and lyricist of the legendary 1960s rock band, The Doors. Finn is the writer, director and narrator of Before the End: Searching for Jim Morrison, a forthcoming limited film series that rips the hinges off Morrison’s purported official story. Indie film production company Z-Machine has released a new extended preview of this hard-boiled but empathic documystery. What If everything we think we know about Jim Morrison is wrong?

    Set the Night on Fire by Robby Krieger

    Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying, and Playing Guitar With the Doors

      At long last Robby Krieger has written his first book that Doors’ fans will fall in love with. He is of the last three surviving band members after the death of Jim Morrison kept his silence from book form. Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying, and Playing Guitar With the Doors with a little help from Jeff Alulis brings to the forefront an added view of perhaps the greatest band from the 60s. The legend of Jim Morrison has grown in 50 years and still keeps growing. I think we can put to rest that Jim Morrison is not alive. All the literature and music out there sustain Jim and the rest of the group alive for many generations to follow.

      death of jim morrison

      50 Years Ago Jim Morrison Died

        It was 50 years ago that Jim Morrison died. Morrison’s death is still shrouded in mystery. His legend grew 9 years later with the release of No One Here Gets Out Alive by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman and The Doors’ Greatest Hits album in 1980. The celebration of the Lizard King still continues as The Collected Works of Jim Morrison was released this month.

        collected works of jim morrison

        The Collected Works of Jim Morrison

          This year marks 50 years since the passing of Jim Morrison. Jim took the route of stardom as the singer of The Doors. He always fancied himself as a poet and wanted to be taken seriously in that craft. The Lords and the New Creatures, Morrison’s first book, was published in 1970 and was considered pretentious at best. His Dionysus complex made him a drunkard buffoon in the eyes of the literary world. Doors fans on the other hand consider his poetic material differently. Morrison is getting the royal treatment with a definite anthology of all his writing. For the first time, unpublished material will be released to the public. The Collected Works of Jim Morrison is an almost 600-page anthology of the writings that promises to please all fans of Jim Morrison.

          2001 a space odyssey poster

          The Night Jim Morrison and the Doors Saw 2001: A Space Odyssey

            2001: A Space Odyssey changed cinema and art in 1968. Jim Morrison and the Doors were present at the world premiere in Los Angeles. Both Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison graduated as film students from UCLA. This was a big cinematic experience for them.

            michael mcclure mule blues

            Mule Kick Blues by Michael McClure

              Mule Kick Blues is the final book of poems by Beat Generation legend Michael McClure. A powerful collection of new work written during the last years of McClure’s life, Mule Kick Blues was readied for publication before the poet’s death in May 2020.