KISS Celebrate Multi-Platinum Destroyer Album

KISS Celebrate Multi-Platinum Destroyer Album

Celebrating its 45 anniversary, Destroyer was originally released in 1976 and is considered to be one of the quintessential KISS albums. It is the band’s first album to sell one million copies in its first year and holds the title of being their all-time best-selling studio album. Packed with concert staples and KISS Army favorites including “Detroit Rock City,” “Shout It Out Loud,” “God Of Thunder” and “Beth,” on November 19, 2021, UMe will release KISS – Destroyer 45th in the form of a Super Deluxe 4-CD + Blu-ray Audio box set as well as on standard double black vinyl and limited edition yellow and red double colored vinyl, 2-CD set, and digital. 

KISS: The Story of Beth

[vimeo 64403137 w=500 h=281]The story of Beth. This short film, directed by Brian Billow, chronicles the completely fictitious story of the song’s inspiration. The Peter Criss character’s dialogue stays true to the song’s lyrics.

Hello Kitty KISS Toilet Paper

Gene Simmons will put the KISS brand on just bout everything. The unexpected merchandising collaboration between both popular brands is cute and will be a hit with Hello Kitty and KISS fans. Gives a whole new meaning to, KISS my arse!

KISS Not In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

KISS fans and  Paul Stanley are still perplexed to why the group is still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1999 eligibility. “I know people who know that for fact. There are board members who have said, ‘Kiss won’t get in as long as I’m alive,’” Stanley said. “The funny thing…

Two Thousand Man

Don’t you know I’m a 2,000 man and my kids, they just don’t understand me at all.

Star Trek Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head will boldly go where no potato has gone before. Space, the final frontier. If KISS can get a Mr. Potato Head line of toys, then Star Trek can join the fold. The line of Star Trek Mr. Potato Head characters will include Captain James T. Kirk, Klingon Kor, Lt. Uhura and Mr….

Google Street View Captures Kiss

How has a simple kiss captured by Google’s street-mapping car caught the attention of the world? When you mind wipe it out completely. One second it’s there and then it’s gone. The street-mapping car has captured many candid moments on the quest of mapping the planet. A innocent knoll kiss has captured the imagination of…

Kiss Mr. Potato Head

Got milk? Gene Simmons has plenty of it, he will milk any merchandising deal to get the KISS name out there. The band must hold a record for being the most merchandised band in history. Mr. Potato Head has joined the ranks of the KISS army as Hasbro dolled up their spud star in classic…