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Food Maps

    The mothers of Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin had trouble with these two when they were kids. They were told not to play with their… Read More »Food Maps

    Pangaea With Today’s Borders

      What would Pangaea look like today with existing borders and countries? One thing for sure, we would save on plane travel.

      Cronut Map

        The cronut craze will not go away. Now you can trace the delicious cronut on this interactive cronut map finder. The hybrid croisant/donut just keeps… Read More »Cronut Map

        Spirograph World Map

          Globe trotting Rachel Evans constructs colorful world maps with Spirograph patterns representing different continents.  

          Modern Abstract City Maps

            Jazzberry Blue has a unique way of envisioning cities in abstract form.  Google Maps has nothing on this minimalist representation of famous cities.