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pizza condom boxes

Pizza Condoms

    The extra tasty Seriax condom pizza box will surely get the laughs. It’s too bad it does not come in different flavors. I wonder if you have to tip the delivery guy? One would figure this novelty package was designed by a male, you would be wrong, it was created by Russian designer Marina Malygina. It is an homage to a TV episode of Friends where oversexed Joey has to pick between eating pizza or having sex. Since he likes both pizza and sex, it is only natural to come up with a condom pizza box.

    The Waffle Iron Meets Leftover Pizza

      Here is an ingenious way to heat up leftover pizza. If you have a waffle iron, just insert your pizza in, and presto you just created a calzone.

      Pizza Slice Sleeping Bag

        This pizza slice sleeping bag is just too delicious. Just don’t sleep with it in Jellystone park.


        Di Fara Pizza Documentary

          Many New Yorkers will tell you that Dom DeMarco makes the best pizza in the world. It’s more than a pizza. It’s art. The Best Thing I Ever Done by MargaretEmily MacKenzie examines not the pizza but the man behind the pizza. Dom DeMarco is a little fraction of the mosaic that is the fabric of New York City. He relies on his senses to make pizza, he is driven by instinct. These little pieces define a people within a great cosmopolitan sea of bodies that wash up at Dom’s door to taste a piece of the past on a crust of bread.