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L.A. Woman (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

    I am really pumped for the 50th Anniversary of the L.A. Woman special collection. I own The Doors LA Woman: The Workshop Sessions (2012). This is a welcome extension to that release. 2021 is a big year for The Doors with a lot of new material coming out from Robby Kreiger’s first book and the complete writings of Jim Morrison. Unfortunately, it is also the anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death. There is a lot to celebrate. 1971 marked a turbulent time for Jim Morrison personally with his trouble with the law. Contractually the band owed Elektra Records one more record and boy did it payback in spades. For the next 50 years, “Love Her Madly,” “Riders On The Storm,” and “L.A. Woman” would grace the airwaves. Nobody knew at the time that this was their swan song. Maybe Jim Morrison had an inkling it was his last record but did not share that information with anybody including the band.