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Deep-Sea Squid vs Owlfish

    [youtube] Meanwhile back in Bikini Bottom, Squidward Tentacles battles Mr. Owlfish. Red Lobster awaits the winner or perhaps the loser. They both look like… Read More »Deep-Sea Squid vs Owlfish

    Daylight Saving Time Explained

      [youtube] I just cheated father-time and gained an hour. Daylight Saving Time explained. Winter is coming!

      Cow Parts

        Want to go vegan? Think twice. Did you know these things were made from cow? Here is a small list of things that might surprise… Read More »Cow Parts


          Brilliant, they have combined shark and tornado week into a whole new phenomena. The shark now rules sea, air and land. You are no longer… Read More »Sharknado

          Human Microbes

   Do not let Howie Mandel know this but microbes are good for you. The human body hosts more than ten thousand different kinds of… Read More »Human Microbes