Signs of the Fall

The golden apples of the sun are here. The crisp air falls upon the city in a sullen blanket. Kids huddle around puddled leaves. Yellow buses hurdle the collective young brains off to learning centers of deception. Nurtured youth assemble to be our future. Which one among you will be our leaders, our killers, our…

Summer Is Almost Gone

The thing about August is that you feel you had enough of summer already. The playing and rest are done. It is time for business. Crops to ready to be picked.

The Scope on Ice Cream

Dairy Queen is a weekly treat for the kids and myself. Well mostly for myself. Ice cream is always a popular choice in hot days. (click image to enlarge)

Safety First Wisdom by Juicy Fruit

Here are some “captain obvious” safety tips to chew on by Juicy Fruit. Remind your mom that Juicy Fruit Gum is a pure, wholesome treat that won’t spoil your appetite. Tell her to keep plenty on hand. (now that is a good tip)

The End of Summer 2012

Well there goes another summer in the can. Today ends the summer of 2012. Not the best of summers for me, but what the heck, chuck it for experience.

Summer Days

You know what I like about summer days? They’re just made for doing things, even if it’s nothing. Especially if it’s nothing.

Why I Hate Summer

This is why I don’t like summer. It’s too hot. Mosquitos think I’m yummy. I have to shave. I get sunburnt.

Swimming Pool

Summer is around the corner. There are many undesirables jumping in swimming pools.

Anatomy of a Jumbo Freezie

Summer is not summer till you freeze flavored water sugar. The anatomy of a Jumbo Freezie brings back memories of halcyon times and how I put my dentist’s kids through college.