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Taschen To Release Marvel Comics Library Avengers

Taschen To Release Marvel Comics Library Avengers Volume One (1963–1965)

    I love Taschen books, anytime I get a chance to buy them at second-hand bookstores, I will not hesitate to buy them. However, when big volumes such as Marvel Comics Library Avengers Vol. 1 come into circulation, I will fork out the big bucks. The Avengers is another book that will not disappoint. Taschen does it better than the original comic book publishing houses. This volume collects the first 20 issues of the Avengers. Better get some Charles Atlas muscles to read this big volume.

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    ‘Paul’ is a New McCartney Book From Taschen Features Photos From Harry Benson

      Get it while it’s hot! Taschen’s new book Paul features 100 photos from Harry Benson. The luxury numbered photo book is limited to 600 copies. The deluxe ‘XL’ hardcover edition comes in a bespoke acrylic box. The exact dimensions are 26.9 x 37.3 cm. It weighs over 5kg. The Paul McCartney book is selling like hotcakes.

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      TATTOO: 1730s-1970s Henk Schiffmacher’s Private Collection

        One part history book, one part art book, and one part fascinating memoir, this book is an overview of more than two centuries of tattoo history intermixed with an intimate look at the lives of tattoo artists, and the personal struggles and triumphs, occupational hazards, and artistic courage that have defined so much of this history.