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alicia malone girls on film

Girls on Film: Witty Life Lessons from Alicia Malone

    I got TCM as my go-to station. My PVR is working overtime recording each week movies that matter. I value all the host’s information about the movies that are about to show. Alicia Malone is a welcome addition to the station. Her keen movie sense brings a unique spin each week to movies we cherish. I am very excited to know she just released, Girls on Film: Witty Life Lessons from Alicia Malone from Mango Publishing. I am a fan of the hosts on TCM, nice to see Alicia share a bit more about herself through the movies she watches. Life imitates art some will say, Alicia, is just as glamourous as the film’s actresses that she showcases each week. She is a jewel in the TCM family. This is one book you will not want to miss.

    dark city the lost world of film noir by eddie muller

    Revised and Expanded Edition of Eddie Muller’s Dark City

      If you watch Noir Alley and read Eddie Muller’s Dark City revised and expanded edition, you will be blasted with a cornucopia of information about the origins and politics of the Film Noir from all the creators. The creators lived lives as complicated as their characters. Muller’s book is more than a picture book, it’s the top book on Film Noir movies. Muller has single-handed created a Film Noir universe, from actors to writers, many jumped from movie to movie. Dark City is a great read into old Hollywood and a genre long gone, often imitated, never duplicated. I never put down Dark City, Muller is a wordsmith of the highest caliber. This is the definitive book on Film Noir.

      tcm summer movies

      The TCM Library – “Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics”

        Summer Movies is your guide to 30 sun-drenched classics that—through beach parties, road trips, outdoor sports, summer camp, or some intangible mood that brings the heat—manage to keep summer alive year-round. Packed with production details, stories from the set, and more than 150 photos, the book takes an in-depth look at films from the silent era to the present that reflect the full range of how summer has been depicted on screen, both by Hollywood and by international filmmakers.