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The Twilight World

werner herzog the twilight world

The Twilight World by Werner Herzog

    Werner Herzog is going back to the jungle with his first novel in the twilight of his life. The Twilight World romanticizes the journey of a man who refused to surrender for over 30 years. Japanese lieutenant Hiroo Onoda who was on the wrong side of history refused to give up his post unless he was relieved from his duty by his commanding officer. The outside world continued to flourish while he stagnantly remained at war for 30 years. I am fascinated by Herzog’s delving into the story of a reclusive soldier. I wonder myself. Are we all living in our own jungles, holding down to a fort to our convictions only to find out we were out of touch? Is this the twilight of Herzog’s own life? Did he himself get bogged down by his own beliefs till the twilight of his own life? Did he surrender to the rest of the world?