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Todd Haynes


The Velvet Underground: A documentary film by Todd Hayne soundtrack

    The Velvet Underground does not get proper praise from the general public. True fans are well aware of the importance of the band’s importance in rock and roll history. Lou Reed’s imprint on this band laid out his trajectory for his own solo career. The Velvets had a deep impact on David Bowie. The group was entrenched in the gutter of the psychedelic truth of the gritty drug culture of the 60s. The lyrics were not candy-coated, they painted a harsh reality of the facade of the “love generation.” The was darkness festering at the seems of the peace movement and The Velvet Underground exposed them in their early work. People were in denial, they did not want to hear dark tones of despair “The Velvet Underground: A Documentary Film By Todd Haynes” is a deep-dive into the group as never seen before. This is a great beginning point for new listeners to purchase the new 2CD and digital soundtrack and true fans who will get some new material.