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The Sandpit A day in the life of New York City, in miniature created by Aero Director/ VFX artist Sam O’Hare. What appears to be a… Read More »The Sandpit


      [youtube] Logorama is nominated for best short animation for the 2010 Oscars. Logorama examines our daily bombardment of visual ads in our commutes as… Read More »Logorama

      Adobe Photoshop Cookie Baking Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo. Would life not be better if they resembled some of our favorite computer programs. Adobe Photoshop… Read More »Adobe Photoshop Cookie Baking


          Atomic Cartoons doesn’t want to be misunderstood with their new show. The animation studio who gave us both Atomic Betty and Big City Birds, are working on a… Read More »Mythunderstood