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“THE ADULTS” invites the audience to take a personal journey of maturity

THE ADULTS” revolves around Eric (Michael Cera), who decides to make a brief homecoming to reunite with his sisters. However, his visit takes an unexpected turn as he becomes torn between rekindling his connection with his sisters and pursuing triumphs with his former poker group. As the visit prolongs, Eric finds himself unable to escape the clashes and revelations that expose the carefully crafted facade of his adulthood, bringing back unresolved conflicts from his childhood.

Amidst this emotional journey, Maggie (Sophia Lillis) endeavors to recreate the close-knit world they once shared as siblings. On the other hand, Eric and Rachel (Hannah Gross) grapple with the stark contrast between their present selves as grown-ups and the versions of themselves from their childhood days.

The movie delves into the complexities of adulthood, where the allure of recapturing the simplicity and warmth of youth clashes with the responsibilities and challenges of being an adult. Eric’s struggle to maintain his adult persona while confronting the unresolved issues of his past showcases the difficulties of leaving childhood conflicts behind. The narrative skillfully navigates between heartwarming moments of familial intimacy and the tension-filled confrontations that lead to profound self-discovery.

As Eric’s visit progresses, the movie explores the intricate dynamics among the siblings, highlighting how their shared history plays a significant role in shaping their current relationships. While Maggie attempts to revive the bonds they once cherished, Eric and Rachel grapple with the inevitable changes that time has imposed upon their lives.

Throughout the film, viewers witness a poignant exploration of personal growth and the challenges of embracing adulthood without losing touch with one’s inner child. “THE ADULTS” invites the audience to reflect on their own journeys of maturity, nostalgia, and the delicate balance between the past and the present. The film’s emotionally charged narrative, coupled with strong performances, makes it a captivating exploration of the human experience.

In 2023, Variance was named to Fast Company’s prestigious Most Innovative Companies list for its “auteur-friendly approach” that transforms its releases “into the kind of theatergoing events one might expect from a Marvel blockbuster”.

THE ADULTS will be released by Variance Films in select theaters on August 18, 2023.