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The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri Actress Draws a New Yorker Cartoon

    I’m a devoted fan of The Bear series, and it’s fascinating to note that before the show gained widespread acclaim, Ayo Edebiri delved into the realm of crafting cartoons in the distinctive style of The New Yorker. In a captivating turn of events in June 2021, the accomplished New Yorker cartoonist Zoe Si took on the role of mentor, guiding Ayo Edebiri through the intricate process of creating a cartoon. What set this episode apart was the peculiar condition they agreed upon—they deliberately refrained from observing each other’s artistic endeavors throughout the entire process.

    Zoe Si provides Ayo Edebiri instruction on how to draw a cartoon—using verbal cues only.

    The outcome was a remarkably entertaining and one-of-a-kind experience that showcased not only their creative prowess but also highlighted the absence of visual collaboration. Witnessing the culmination of their efforts left me thoroughly impressed, particularly with Ayo Edebiri’s commitment to producing a commendable outcome and the overall seriousness with which she approached the artistic challenge. It truly underscored the depth of talent and dedication within the creative process.

    Tony M.