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The Beatles Get Back Blu-ray is back on track

    The Beatles Get Back Blu-ray

    Streaming takes away buying hardcopies of movies. The Beatles Get Back is something you want to own. A true collector’s item. I saw the documentary on Disney+ and fell in love with Peter Jackson’s careful retelling of the famous sessions sheds new light on the process of recording. For a while there, it seemed that the Blu-ray was not going to be released.

    After the late February release of Peter Jackson’s acclaimed documentary, The Beatles Get Back, was postponed, some doubt was cast over whether the Blu-ray version of the ‘3-part event’ would ever see the light of day. Perhaps Disney had changed their minds and wanted to stick with just having the documentary on its streaming service?

    The Beatles Get Back Blu-ray

    Thankfully, that hasn’t come to pass and the entertainment giant has confirmed this week that the 468-minute film will be issued on Blu-ray (and DVD) in July.

    Other than that, nothing has changed from the January announcement. Both editions will be three-disc sets with each disc containing one of the three episodes:

    • Part One – The band gathers at Twickenham Film Studios to rehearse for a planned concert.
    • Part Two – Recording sessions start at Apple Studios, rehearsals continue and the mood lifts.
    • Part Three – The Beatles perform on the rooftop of their Apple offices.

    The HD Blu-ray edition features the Dolby Atmos mix, 7.1 PCM and 2.0 PCM stereo sound, while the DVD offers 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital. These also have English SDH, Spanish and French subtitles.

    Tony M.